PORTLAND - Stafford Recovery
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The addiction treatment facility is an institution that deserves support from the public. Through public and private investment, society should ensure that addiction recovery centers have plenty of resources. After all, this type of facility helps people become get through their disease and onto a healthy and happy life. Addiction is a serious issue that causes many difficulties. People with substance abuse disorders are often decent people facing difficult circumstances. Over the past couple of decades, this society has gradually learned to be less judgmental towards people with addictions. After all, it doesn’t make sense to demonize a sick person who needs professional help. At Stafford Recovery drug rehab centers, clients can receive help from caring professionals with many relevant skills.

Upon entering our substance abuse treatment facility in Portland, Oregon, you can expect thoughtful, kind treatment from the get-go. You may be asked to join a staff member for an intake interview, which is usually a fairly quick task. This is an important step because this is the first venue where the client can share their goals and needs. The staff members can’t effectively help you unless you’re honest about where you are in life and how your addiction has affected you. Though addiction can inspire people to hide their feelings and isolate themselves, our Portland drug rehab facility is a safe location where you can be honest with yourself and others.

Early in the addiction recovery process, a client may need to spend some time in a drug detox clinic. A detox is a safe environment within the rehab where people can dry out and rest as their bodies expel the harmful chemicals. The length of detox depends on the nature of the client’s drug of choice and length of use. The longer you use substances, the more likely it is that you will develop a physical dependency requiring detox.

In our Portland addiction treatment center, you are able to work with supportive groups of people. This is an important step for clients. After all, one of the symptoms of dependency is use-related degradation of relationships. In the rehab setting, clients form powerful friendships in a supervised setting. Clients here are able to create their own supportive social network. Group sessions provide ample opportunities for people to share their stories and explore their feelings. Though causes of addiction aren’t yet fully understood, it is widely recognized that unaddressed emotional problems can contribute to the addiction. Throughout rehab, the client follows an individualized treatment plan that is carefully customized. Working together with clients, trained staff members develop powerful treatment plans. Clients must feel invested in their treatment plans. Furthermore, clients must feel that rehab staff are truly competent and kind professionals that you can rely on.

Our Portland addiction recovery center clients go through one-on-one work with qualified recovery counselors. These are deeply experienced professionals with knowledge of the latest methods in addiction treatment. Meeting regularly with a counselor, you can begin to work on your issues and address all the problems that inspired you to seek out addiction treatment in the first place. It is common for rehab clients to have one or more additional diagnosis besides substance abuse. This is called dual diagnosis and it is extremely common in recovery. Anxiety, PTSD, depression and eating disorders are often seen in tandem with addiction. Collectively, these bio-psycho-social illnesses work together to create a perfect storm of personal dysfunction.

At our addiction recovery facility in Portland, Oregon, you learn a variety of tools that you can use to deal with the temptations that all clients face in their daily lives. After leaving the clinic, your addiction recovery program will continue on an outpatient basis. The exact nature of your aftercare program is totally dependent on your unique position and recovery needs.