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Drug addiction is a powerful adversary that you need professional help to defeat. Seek the assistance offered by Stafford Recovery drug rehab centers, and you will find that addiction is something you can conquer. You can delight in a sober lifestyle if you are brave enough to ask for help. When you choose to come to our substance abuse treatment facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you will receive all the assistance necessary to find your sobriety.

Making it Through Withdrawal

Staying sober when withdrawal is making you sick is never an easy task. This is especially true if you are trying to get through withdrawal without anyone to help you. Come to our addiction recovery center in Scranton to enjoy the benefits of the supervised detox we provide. In the comfortable environment of our drug detox clinic, you will enjoy the pampering of our staff to ease your detox experience.

Crafting Your Custom Recovery Plan

A great advantage of coming to our Scranton drug rehab facility is the customized rehab plan we will craft for you. Our recovery experts will build an addiction recovery program that will help you get through this. This tailored treatment is just what you need to streamline your recovery experience. We make sure your rehab plan is as effective and efficient as possible to maximize the benefits of your stay.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Center

One of the most important services we provide our clients is mental health treatment. Mental health treatment is an essential part of the recovery plan for many of our clients. We diagnosis and treat both drug addiction and mental illness to give the total recovery treatment needed for clients who deal with mental health issues to go along with their addictions.

Safety First

We place the safety of our clients at the top of our list of priorities. When you come to our addiction treatment center in Scranton, you will always be assured of being safe. We do everything necessary to make sure you feel secure. When you experience this feeling of safety, your comfort level will be maximized so that you feel okay about sharing your addiction story with total honesty.

Group Exploration of Addiction

When you are in our addiction recovery facility in Scranton, you will find that group therapy is the focus of your treatment. We put group therapy on a pedestal because it is effective. You must accept the fact that going to meetings is the way to stay sober. Accepting that the group can help you is a necessity, and so is being honest. When you open your heart and share truth in the group, you will heal and find your way to addiction recovery.

Caring Is Our Passion

We only hire staff members who are passionate about their work. They make it their mission to provide the best possible care to our clients. When you come to our Scranton addiction treatment facility, you know that you will always get amazing care from our dedicated staff.

Aftercare Help

Perhaps the most challenging part of rehab comes when you leave the drug rehab facility. Entering back into your old way of life is not an option. You need to avoid temptation and adjust to a new way of living a sober life. That is why we give you an aftercare program to assist you when you leave. Aftercare guides you and makes the process of adjusting to sober living easier.

Stafford Recovery drug rehab centers make the journey to get sober much more likely a success. You need to be wise enough to admit that you are not able to get sober without help. It doesn’t make you weak. Entering rehab to get the help you need makes you strong and courageous. Come to our addiction recovery center in Scranton, Pennsylvania to get back to enjoying life with a sober mind and body.