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If you are among the many men and women who have lost control of your lives because of drug addiction and have given up hope of returning to a fulfilling life, Stafford Recovery can help. Drug abuse has nothing to do with a lack of willpower, addiction is a disease. Like many other diseases, with proper treatment, it can be cured, and you can return to sobriety. If you are among the thousands of individuals who have decided enough is enough and want to end the cycle of misery, it might be time to consider a substance abuse treatment facility in Bellevue, Washington.

While we encourage you to seek help anywhere, there are a few things you should consider before selecting an addiction recovery facility. Long term recovery is a process that includes several steps to assist you in reaching your goal of becoming drug-free. Depending on your situation this process will usually begin with detox. It is important to choose an addiction treatment center that has a professionally managed drug detox clinic; not all recovery facilities will offer this. Detox is the process of doing away with the drug that has led to your addiction. You will be monitored 24/7 and made as comfortable as possible. The importance of a managed detox is critical to your safety during this process.

Once you have completed detox, you will join your fellow clients, and the long-term addiction recovery process will begin. You will quickly realize you are in a safe and friendly environment surrounded by men and women who understand what you are experiencing. You are in an environment where you can express your feelings honestly and openly. Your fellow clients will quickly become part of your support group and the recovery process. Your addiction recovery program will begin, you will meet your counselor, be assigned living quarters and be assigned a few daily duties to establish structure in your life and be a part of a community.

Your counselor will begin by learning as much as possible about you. There may be other contributing factors, such as depression and anxiety, which might be contributing to your drug addiction. Dual diagnosis is not unusual, and a drug rehab facility should offer a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for your needs. It is critical to your recovery that you are always honest with your counselor during this phase of your program. Our employees are trained professionals who are there to help you, many having suffered addiction themselves. Your daily routine at the addiction treatment facility will include group sessions; you will have private sessions with your counselor and free time to relax and enjoy the companionship of your fellow clients. It won’t be long before you anxiety is replaced with a sense of well-being, knowing you are in a safe and welcome in a caring and friendly environment.

Once you have completed your stay in the Bellevue addiction recovery center, the aftercare process begins. It is critical to your long term recovery to establish a dynamic aftercare program. A proper aftercare program will include attending meetings in your area; many drug rehab centers will offer sessions that will be open to you. It is not unusual for clients who have made lifelong friends at the recovery center to continue to support one another daily. Attending meetings on a regular basis will remind you of your addiction and give you the opportunity to help others.

We urge you to remember you are not alone; men and women are going through addiction like you. Your recovery can be a rewarding and lasting journey. You can regain the lifestyle you want, free from the misery of drug addiction.

All you have to do to get started is call Stafford Recovery today to get started on your customized treatment at our addiction treatment center in Bellevue, Washington.