SPOKANE - Stafford Recovery
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Find the Best Solution When Seeking Detox Care

Choose a Facility that Provides Supervision

A substance abuse treatment facility is the right fit when an individual is seeking to change their life. The client will want to receive services in a supervised environment. Trained professionals oversee the daily operations of the center, and this practice ensures that everyone receives quality services during this transforming time. An addiction recovery center is entrusted with the mission of providing the most effective detox services to all clients. Staff members are chosen based on their professional ability to follow all the directives of the center to create a safe space for clients.

A Quality Program Provides Dual Diagnosis Services

The Stafford addiction recovery facility in Spokane, Washington offers each client services to help them deal with all issues impacting their life. An individual may need dual diagnosis mental health treatment services for any underlying mental health issues that have caused them to turn to substances in order to cope. A good program will also address any mental issues that need to be treated so that the client can continue on their way to a full recovery.

A Maintained and Safe Facility

The facility is kept in the best state so that clients will have the best experience when seeking addiction recovery. A safe environment will allow the client to thrive. Some individuals will have already been placed in dangerous environments due to pass issues, and our Spokane addiction treatment facility will help them develop trust as they create new life skills. A clean facility also demonstrates that the administration cares about keeping the client in a pristine environment.

Find Community Support from Peers

The client can expect to receive help from staff members while attending a program at our Spokane drug rehab facility. All individuals are encouraged to provide support to others via group interactions. It may help to know that others are going through similar situations, and this information can serve to motivate the person to continue to the end of the program. New friendships may develop to keep the person on the right track going forward.

Learn to Express True Feelings in a Safe Place

A person will want to feel free enough to open up about any past issues that have pushed them towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Our Spokane addiction recovery program will allow the individual the space to openly convey their current feelings. An honest dialogue will be the platform to confront past issues so that a new plan of action can be developed for a person’s life at the addiction treatment center in Spokane. A safe place will also be a comfortable outlet that will allow the client to receive the best treatment.

Receive an Individualized Treatment Plan

A client’s needs at the addiction recovery center will vary depending on their specific life circumstances. An individual may have both mental and substance abuse disorders. Stafford Recovery drug rehab centers create a personalized plan of action for each client going through the detox process. Staff members listen to the concerns of each client when they first start receiving services from the facility. An individual treatment plan ensures that the client is given all the tools necessary to effectively change their current behavior patterns.

Stay On the Right Path with Quality Aftercare Services

Positive life changes can be maintained for an extended period of time with the right support. The client will want to sustain new lifestyle patterns by attending quality aftercare services offered at our addiction treatment facility in Spokane, Washington. There may be recent challenges that have happened that need to be dealt with by the client, and the right aftercare program will continue to equip each individual with the best coping tools and will continue to have a healthy lifestyle with additional professional assistance.