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We treat addiction according to the disease model. We work directly with the client to develop a personalized treatment plan that is based on the their needs.

Life Skills

At our qualified and professional substance abuse treatment facility, we pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every single one of our many clients receives the impeccable addiction recovery treatment they need to succeed.

Family Therapy

We know that your journey so far has likely been one that has been fraught with challenges. There is often times not an easy path to pursue when you are struggling with substance abuse and need to find help to reach your recovery goals.

Equine Therapy

Making matters worse, as the number of Americans who are struggling with addiction continues to rise, the stigma remains, making it more difficult than ever for those who require addiction recovery treatment to get the care they need.

Sober Living

When you enter our substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll begin the same way that all of our clients begin their time in our addiction recovery program: by taking part in an in-depth intake interview.

We Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction Today!

During this in-depth intake interview, you’ll be asked a wide variety of questions by one of our friendly and well-educated staff members. These questions will cover a very large swath of material, including your history of substance abuse, and any history of substance abuse that your parents or other family members may have engaged in. You may wonder whether or not this information is relevant, but rest assured that all of these details will be essential in creating your customized care plan.

Ready to start? We’re here for you.

No matter what your reason for maintaining your privacy, we’ll be here to help support you as well as we possibly can.

Understanding our eating disorder and drug treatment center

Because the information that we gather during these interviews will be used to create your customized care plan, it is essential that you keep honesty in the forefront of your mind throughout the process. You will need to be honest with our staff when they ask you questions about your history of substance abuse, since the information they learn will be critical in forming your customized care plan. But you’ll also want to be honest with yourself. It can be difficult to determine when you really need to reach out for help, but by ensuring your honesty, you can help yourself get the care you need.